Update May 2016

After almost 18 months of re-writes, endless re-reads of numerous drafts, and discussions with the publisher over sometimes the smallest of issues, last week the blog – that many of you faithfully read for about a year – was finally published.

It was my sincere intention to blog the whole book to the end, but the effort I was putting into the professional publishing process meant that about a year ago it was relegated to the point where I never visited it again.

To the two followers who read the first draft (before I sent the manuscript to the publishers) you will notice – should you get the book – that firstly, it’s a much smoother read (professional copyeditors are a wonderful thing). Secondly, several thousand words of old narrative were removed and replaced with several thousand of new narrative.

This was done for two reasons:

1. The editor made the legitimate criticism that I had romanticised the plight of some very poor people. I agreed with her, and – I think – successfully addressed this issue in an added section at the end of the book.

2. The aftermath quickly became out-of-date and some of what happened in the months post-Yolanda needed updating to account for this. A second baby was added to our family was just one such event.

In summary, the published version is a far easier read and more balanced.

To the other followers of the blog who never got to see how things turned out, you got to about two-thirds of the way through the book.

I’m not sure how the book will do. In the ocean of newly publish books out there – more than there have ever been – I suspect it will get lost in them all and may remain adrift forever. It would be good if it was a commercial success, but to be honest I am just happy to have my memoirs of the incident professionally documented for myself, but more importantly for my two children.

Anyway, if anyone is still interested, the whole story can be found at the following places:

Alone Cover2


Now that it’s all finished, I’m going to continue the blog. Life here in the Philippines continues to surprise me and everyday there’s a lot to write about. I’d like to do maybe two posts a month.

Let see how it goes.